Why am I Hiking the 500 Mile EL Camino? The Diary of NJ Nutritionist Georgia Saler Histon

by | May 7, 2018 | Nutrition

In a few days I will be in St Jean de Pied, France beginning my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. I am blessed to begin the first 50 miles with my daughter, Kali, as we start our 1st 19 mile hike through the French Pyrenees.

I have been divinely guided to hike the Camino. It’s amazing how I have been thinking of doing this for the past 5 years but I wasn’t sure when or if I would really go. Last spring we we in a Mama Gena’s Women’s Group and we were stating our desires and hiking the Camino was first on the list. It is also in my journals as something I want to do.

The difference between my journals and the power of being in a group and stating desires, is they expand when shared in a safe space. Then, my other clear guidance that led me to this journey was the ALL Game. I am amazed at how everything has lined up so beautifully to give me this opportunity.

I remember learning about the Camino over 10 years ago from a fellow yogini after a TriYoga workshop. I was intrigued and felt a yearning to learn more. A few years later, I heard about the pilgrimage from Bebe Bahrami who was writing a book on Spiritual Travels through Spain. I was amazed that I was prepared a meal from such a powerful woman who was an writer, anthropologist and living her dream. I watched the movie “THE WAY” one evening 6 years ago and I knew at the end of the movie I would hike the Camino.

I have always wanted to be brave and backpack. I had planned to go to Oregon after college but I allowed a boy to hold me from my dream of backpacking in Oregon. Then, I wanted to join the Peace Corps. Once again I allowed myself to be stopped by love, codependency, safety, and complacency.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a dream of one who loves being outdoors, loves adventure, and freedom. At this time in my life I can not visualize getting away for 6 months but I can for 45 days.

What I think really brought me to going now was losing my best friend. I know he will be happy to see me embark on this journey of spiritual traveling. I have learned that my life is a gift and I shall embrace it to the fullest!

The past couple of years have been challenging. I lost my best friend. My Nana passed after 100 years of life. My college friend got breast cancer. I opened up my dream business, Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center. Running my business has been a growth experience, along with a lot of hard work and successes with rewards along the way.

I am excited for this journey. I am striving not to be attached to the outcome. I am looking forward to living my life in a different way. I want to be a HUMAN BEING. Enjoy the present moment. Be open to the wisdom and guidance I receive along the way. I am looking forward to being on a path that people have been hiking for over 10 centuries. The rich history, culture and architecture of Spain will be experienced.

I am going to learn more about myself, love myself more, and deepen my connection to God. I know that this journey will teach me that I am more powerful than I believe and give me strength to live the rest of my life with my authentic voice.

I feel the need to rejuvenate my spirit. I am going to step out for 45 days. Dear friends, please support me on this journey. Follow me on Instagram. Ask me questions about what you want to learn more of. Guide me gently.

I love Vitality, the clients, and the personal growth I see. I enjoy watching people recognize their potential. I believe food is the foundation of health. I am building a business, a community that will reach millions of people, animals, flora and fauna and all creatures of the earth. We will regain Vitality by joining together, feeling good, following your calling and living our life to the fullest!


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