Family Nutrition 

Nutrition and healthy eating starts from the time a baby is conceived … even before!  Our registered dietitians are here to assist you in all stages of you and your child’s life.   It has been shown that children who have a solid nutritional foundation are more likely to continue healthy habits throughout their childhood, into adolescence and adulthood.

We want to bring family meals back into your home and health begins in the kitchen!

Is your family experiencing:

  • Hectic mealtimes
  • Confusion about healthy eating
  • Weight gain or loss
  • High cholesterol
  • Prediabetes
  • Picky Eating

Serving all age groups including:

  • Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Infants & Toddlers (Parent teaching)
  • School-Aged/ Pre Teen
  • Adolescence
  • Early Adulthood

Surprising facts about childhood obesity:

  • Only 2% of children in the U.S. eat a healthy diet
  • Childhood obesity could reduce life expectancy for five or more years
  • 25% of children don’t participate in a free-time activity
  • The more time kids spend watching TV, the more likely they are to gain weight
  • Snacking leads to an additional 200 calories per day for kids
  • 70% of obese children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease
  • Overweight and obese children are 52% likely to develop asthma
  • Almost half of all children’s Type 2 diabetes diagnoses are related to obesity.


We currently offer two programs to help you and your family obtain a healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions on which program is the best fit for your family please give us a call.

Picky Eating

Do you dread mealtimes because your child is only eating the same four foods? Are you worried your child is lacking important nutrients to facilitate healthy growth and development? It is never too late to start working towards healthier, more enjoyable meals together as a family.

We will work TOGETHER to:

  • reduce stress at meals
  • teach you (the caregiver) strategies to expand your child’s (and maybe your) palate.
  • support YOU and your family during this life transition


Healthy Families Program

Our Healthy Families Program is a great option for families without a current insurance plan. 

Healthy Families Program Includes

  • One on one nutrition coaching – split between three appointments
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle techniques & much more to ensure long term success for your family. 
  • Recipes to cater to YOUR family’s needs and goals.


  • Clarity about WHAT to serve your family
  • Help fulfill your body’s nutritional needs.
  • Create healthy habits for all generations
  • Feel great about YOU and YOUR FAMILY

Appointment One: Initial Consultation (60 minutes )

Your initial appointment includes an in-depth nutritional assessment, investigating health and medical history. We will develop a nutrition care plan tailored to your needs. The plan will include age appropriate nutritional needs, lifestyle goals and food suggestions for your family.

Appointment Two:  Initial Follow-up (60 minutes )

Your Initial Follow-up appointment will review your progress, any issues concerns to your care plan and update any needed items.

The initial Follow-Up should be scheduled 2-3 weeks after the Initial Consultation

 Appointment Three:  Follow-up (30 minutes)

After your initial appointment & initial follow-up you will have one follow up appointment to see gauge your success during the previous 6 weeks.  The dietician will also recommend any additional supplements, lab work and lifestyle techniques for you.

The Follow-Up should be scheduled 2-3 weeks after the Initial Follow-Up.

Limited insurance accepted for nutrition coaching, click the button above for more information.