Ten Holiday Tips to Keep Yourself Feeling Great and Empowered this Holiday Season

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Nutrition

The Holiday season is a time of family, friends, fun, and that unwanted stress.

Use these 10 tips to keep you feeling amazing during this time.

  1. The Holiday Party:
    • Eat lighter the day before by eating smaller portions and more veggies.
    • When you arrive at the party scope out what is available.
    • Decide before you start eating what you are going to eat.
    • Limit your alcohol to 1-2 drinks (make the decision before you arrive so you don’t give into mindlessness or peer pressure).
    • Be discerning about what you eat.
    • Stay away from trigger foods (A trigger food is a food that once you start eating it your cant stop).
    • Bring a healthy option to the party

2. Plan your meals each week and log your foods to help you stay aware of what you are eating and drinking. The average American gains 5-7 pounds over the holidays.

3. When making holiday cookies try cutting down on the amount of sugar by 10-25%. You will be surprised by how delicious your cookies are with less sugar. If you are happy with the results note in on the recipe.

4. Keep active this holiday season: Go for walks outside. Go to places you can walk around to see Christmas lights. Go iceskating. Walk around Christmas villages and park far away. Being out in nature even when it is cold will prevent holiday blues and keep your cravings at bay.

5. Join us for our weekly guided meditation. Meditation can improve mood, promote relaxation and set you up for a wonderful winter.

6. Don’t overdo your holiday preparations. Decrease the size of the portions you are making, no need to triple the recipe. Make less cookies this year.

7. Stay eating a nutrient rich diet to reduce cravings and fatigue keep track of your fiber intake. Aim for 25-30 grams.  If you would like a download of our Fabulous Fiber handout send us an email and we will share with you.

8. Drink plenty of water during the holiday season. Lack of water can cause you to feel hungry when you are really thirsty. Lack of water can cause lack of energy and can cause bloating and constipation. Adequate water gives you a healthy natural glow keeping you looking your best this holiday season.

9. Limit sugar intake. Sugar can worsen your anxiety and depression during the holiday season.

10. Be grateful. What are your grateful for this year? Make a list right now of 12 gratitudes. For example, I am grateful for my friends, my family, my home, my creativity, my health, my magnificence and my beauty. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational energies in the world.

Following just one or all ten of these tips will make your holiday season even more enjoyable!


  1. BJ Webersinn

    Excellent information for healthy eating during the holidays. Very helpful!

  2. Janine

    Good tips. I like the idea of cutting the sugar in cookie recipes.


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