Loving this experience. Day 7

by | May 22, 2018 | Nutrition

We did hike up the mountain on Day 1. The weather was good enough to keep the mountain open, which was worth it. Day 1 was difficult hiking an ascent of over 4000 feet and over 20 miles but each day I know I have confidence in myself that I can finish the day.

At this point we have walked over 100 miles. I am vague in the amount, as I will explain in a bit.

I have learned the key is staying in the moment.

The funny thing is I bought a fitbit for this journey for preparations and so I can keep track of my day. It always worked at home and on day 1 it didn’t hold keep the activity log. Day 2 same thing, day 3 packed in bag and no longer am I wearing. The Camino has a way of getting rid of what is not needed. I do not have a watch or a distance tracker. Kali has an apple watch. It was Day 3 where we decided we would not keep track of our route in miles anymore as it was making it more difficult. The next day she left her charger cords in the hotel. We no longer have any sort of distance tracker or watch. It has made it so much easier staying in the moment instead of focusing on how far or how long til we arrive. We arrive when our feet get there. The more I stay in the present moment with my breath I feel better in my body.

I am loving this experience.

There are so many things I love about being on this pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. I feel most grateful that I listened to my calling to do this. I love the beauty of France and Spain.

I love walking through life at a slow pace. I enjoy observing every plant along the way. I am a plant lover and when I get home I am going to spend more time gardening in my new home.

There are so many people on this pilgrimage from around the world. It is wonderful to meet and get to know others. We met a man from Belgium, Hans. He has started his pilgrimage 70 days ago when he walked out of his home. He speaks at least 4 languages as I have seen. He is planning on a 100-day pilgrimage. He says it will take 2-3 weeks for our bodies to get use to this. He warned us to eat well and be careful and most important take care of our feet.

How am I practicing self-care?

1. We do rub our feet everyday and use essential oils. Valor by Young Living along with Frankincense and Cedarwood.

2. Each morning rubbing the feet with Aquaphor to prevent blisters

3. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

4. Taking extra antioxidants OPC3 chews by Nutrametrix.

5. Taking E3 Live capsules daily

6. Doing 20-30 minutes of TriYoga in the morning and stretching throughout the day. I did bring my yoga strap to do leg stretch, which I do 2 times a day. 5 minutes on each leg.

7. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables when we can get them.

8. During my journey focusing on appreciation, gratitude’s and praying and creating a new me!


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