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Design a SANKALPA and See!

How many conversations have you had or heard lately about New Year’s resolutions? Puh-lenty, right? We strive to be better this year in all the areas where we believe we are lacking. We make promises to change our behaviors, eat healthier, exercise, get a better job, etc… etc!

But have you ever had or heard a conversation or read an article or social media post at the end of the year praising the success of someone’s New Year’s resolution and how it changed their lives. Have you?

I thought not! But I am about to change that!

Two years ago I attended a SANKALPA workshop. I wasn’t even sure what a Sankalpa was but I was looking for something bigger than a New Year’s resolution as my usual resolutions were not going to cut it that year.

Sankalpa. “Kalpa” means vow and “san” refers to an association with the highest truth. It honors the deeper meaning of our life – our dharma – our purposes for being here.

After identifying what I truly desire for myself, I had to clarify what would have to happen in the next 6-18 months to move forward on that path. Then came the time to identify the first step, an action I could commit to that was consistent with my heartfelt desire. Rarely do we sit and listen to our deepest desires to uncover the life we are meant to embrace and enjoy. It was difficult at first but after a lot of soul-searching and some guidance from the coach, I was ready. I was ready to state my Sankalpa, a short, positive statement that aligned my intention and commitment to my deepest desire. I could call upon this declaration to guide the choices I made every single day. Finally, in Yoga Nidra, I planted the seed of my Sankalpa.

My Sankalpa was not about exercise, weight loss or any of the things about myself that I wanted to “fix;” it was about rediscovering my true self and honoring who I am. It was a struggle at first to spend 30 minutes twice a day to focus inward and quiet my mind but as time passed, I noticed many changes. It was like watching a sunrise, first the sky begins to lighten then the sun bursts through and keeps rising. That’s how it happened to me!

I noticed I was eating healthier, taking better care of myself, sleeping better, getting outside in nature more and my general well-being improved. I also completed my yoga therapy training.

Now remember, I did not set out to do any of these things! Because I had connected with my deepest desire, my everyday choices reflected my promise to myself and I truly created the life I wanted.

Is it perfect? Of course not! Do I slip every now and then? Yes I do! But I repeat my promise to myself and head towards my goal. Reflecting on the past two years, I am very happy with my changes. Now, it is time to revise my Sankalpa and continue my journey! Are you ready to create your Sankalpa?


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