7 Benefits of Meditation We Experience Here at Vitality

by | Aug 11, 2018 | Nutrition

Our clients report amazing benefits from meditation. The benefits of meditating that our clients experience are listed below.

  1. Many of our meditators report being more patient- thinking before jumping in before reacting. They found that being more patient allows them to make better decisions .
  2. Being more present- Meditation brings one on our clients more aware of his surroundings making everything richer and more colorful
  3. Many of our meditators found that meditating helps them to sleep better- A study published in 2015 JAMA found that meditation improved sleep problems such as insomnia in adults over the age of 55. They found that focusing upon your breathing and ignoring all other thoughts, you’re creating an atmosphere where you can relax and fall asleep.
  4. Another meditator reported being more positive and feeling happier. It has been studied that meditation can train the brain to deal with negative emotions. Daily meditation improves symptoms of anxiety and meditation.
  5. A greater sense of calm.
  6. One of our clients states that when she meditates she has less pain in her back. She lives with a chronic pain. Researchers have found that meditation activates the thalamus, the part of the brain that acts as a gateway to pain.. When the gateway is closed, pain decreases according to Fadel Zeidan,PhD. Meditation uses different brain pathways than opiods to block pain. It is believed that meditation is a good first therapy when treating chronic pain.
  7. Able to tune in to his spiritual purpose

Our clients report benefits rather quickly after starting a meditation practice. It has been proven that there are changes that occur in the brain. To receive benefits of meditation you only need to meditate 12-15 minutes a day for the best results. We create a loving, supportive , nurturing environment to support your meditation practice.


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