Tapping Into Your Inner Calm: 5-week workshop

Hosted by Kelly Richman, LCSW

This workshop consists of four 75-minute group sessions.

You will learn mindfulness and grounding techniques that will allow you to reconnect with the present. These techniques will assist you in situations where uncomfortable feelings arise and how to handle them.

Session 1 June 2, 2022: Tips to stop judging our emotions.

An introduction to sitting with all feelings that arise, while practicing non-judgment. Participants will receive an overview of how mindfulness and grounding techniques can be helpful when feeling overcome with emotion.

Session 2: June 16, 2022: Rewriting your story.

A deeper dive into “The story we tell ourselves,” Surrounding our emotions. You will develop techniques to re-frame your personal narratives in order to stay present. Sensory activities to help ground during times of emotional distress will be practiced.

Session 3: June 30, 2022: Movement for the state of mind change.

Ways to use physical activity as a method for allowing energy and emotions to flow throughout the body will be shared. You will engage in light, non-strenuous physical activity to help release “Stuck” emotions within the body.

Session 4: July 7, 2022: Creating your emotional toolbox.

The final session will help integrate all of the techniques discussed throughout the workshop, you will feel equipped to develop your own personalized self-care toolbox.

While the sessions can be booked individually; to get the most out of the workshop we highly suggest you attend all 4 sessions as the information builds from the prior weeks.

Dates: Thursday: June 2nd, June 16th, June 30th, & July 7th

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center 2000 Shore Road Linwood, NJ 08221 OR Virtual

*note the appointment location when choosing your package*

Cost: $80 for remaining 2 sessions OR $50 each session

Cancellation/ Refund policy: All class packages are non-refundable.

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