Informed Shopper: Phase 2; October 19, 2021

Join us for Phase 2 of our Grocery Tour Program. (attendees did not have to complete Phase 1 to participate in Phase 2)

Grocery Tour Program is a unique educational program that provides participants with the tools that help guide supermarket shopping. 

Participants learn how to:

  • Navigate the grocery store without being tempted to make impulse purchases
  • Master label reading and grocery shopping
  • Choose healthier products
  • Save money by understanding when toto buy organic vs. conventional while maintaining optimal nutritional value and less chemical exposure 
  • Choose the best fish, meat, dairy, eggs, and produce 
  • Read a food label and nutrition facts pertaining to each individual product
  • Purchase packaged foods without added sugars, calories and additives
  • Avoid paying more for green washing and trendy “diet foods”
  • Inspect packaging and to not always assume that gluten free product alternatives are always healthier
  • Select plant-based protein sources
  • Identify optimal sugar alternatives which help to squeeze sugar out of the diet
  • Be smart when choosing your cooking oils—it can be confusing!
  • Shop for a sustainable lifestyle

Cost : $15

Date/ Time: Tuesday October 19, 2021 7:00PM

Location: Shop Rite of Somers Point: 23 Bethel Road Somers Point, NJ

Booking Provided by Healthie